"Home is where family gathers, love resides, memories are created, and laughter never ends."
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About The Leland
Personal Care Facility

Location: Situated in historic Waynesboro

History: Originally established as The Leland hotel in 1888

Convenient: Corner of West Main St and Cleveland Ave

Emphasizing that ''Home is More Than A Place... It's A Feeling''

Comfort and peace of mind with access to 24-hour assistance, caring and knowledgeable staff, and comprehensive call systems and security measures throughout the facility

Residents have the freedom to choose how they spend their time

The Leland prioritizes providing dignified and respectful care for each resident, offering extra attention during illness and ensuring comfort beyond medication

Leland Building

A full array of personal care services with a wide spectrum of medical services

Our rehabilitation services include physical, occupational and speech therapy

Aid & Attendance is part of an increased monthly pension available through Veterans Affairs.

Our residents suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's live in an environment that celebrates accomplishments and reinforces familiar patterns of family lifestyles

Personal care assistance is readily available day or night to the residents of The Leland

If you are interested in Leland Personal Care, contact us today for more information

Mission Statement

The mission of The Leland of Laurel Run is to provide and promote a community in which our residents find purpose, meaning and reward in every day and are secure in the knowledge that all health challenges will be met, shared and cared for by a dedicated, committed staff within a community of friends.

About The Leland – Personal Care Facility

Located in historic Waynesboro, The Leland of Laurel Run is a privately owned Personal Care residence.

The Leland of Laurel Run is located at the corner of West Main Street and Cleveland Avenue. Originally opened as The Leland hotel in 1888, the facility celebrated it’s Quasquicentennial in 2013.

Our convenient location in downtown Waynesboro, offers easy access to Route 16, 316 & 997 and is just minutes away from Interstate 81.

Home is More Than A Place… It’s A Feeling.

At The Leland of Laurel Run, even a casual visitor is soon aware of the cozy atmosphere that surrounds our community. Take a moment and let us show you our home.

You always feel safe and secure

Life at the Leland gives you the comfort and peace of mind of home, and the reassurance of knowing there is access to 24-hour assistance. Our caring knowledgeable staff are in the building at all times to offer a hand with daily tasks, or to immediately alert medical personnel should the need ever arise. Call systems and security measures located throughout the facility provide our residents with a much safer and more secure environment than they may have felt in their own home.

You Can Enjoy the Company of Family and Friends

Residents at the Leland choose how they wish to spend their time. In our home-like atmosphere, you can invite your family to dinner, go out with your friends, or just curl up with a good book in our beautiful historic lobby. Residents can participate in any of the variety of social activities we have to offer or they can enjoy quiet time independently. At the Leland of Laurel Run, you make the choice!

You Will Be Cared For

At the Leland, we strive to make sure our residents are cared for with the dignity and utmost respect each and every one deserves. We will provide extra attention when you are sick and not feeling well. We will provide comfort when just medicine isn’t enough.

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